This was written by King David 664 yearsafter the Hebrew Exodus out of Egypt.It is going to happen again!
The deliverance from slave masters,The Manna falling from Heaven,The defeat of Pharaoh(Modern day Illuminati / New World Order),
The bringing back of all the tribesinto the Promised Land again(all the tribes did not return in 1948),And many more wonderful things.
All of this will take place beforeMessiah ben David (who is Jesus) returns.Your previous understanding of prophecy that is being taught,is from the Devil’s prospective(about the antichrist, mark of the beast, image of the beast…etc.).
What was left out is what God is going to do!You thought you knew what events would take placeduring the 7-year Tribulation period.As we say in Texas “You ain’t heard nothing yet”!
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